Is Computational Drug Discovery Finally Coming of Age ?


Piper Sandler recently published a comprehensive report entitled “Deciphering the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Matrix Code in Biotech.”  Why is this report significant?

Technology has been rapidly reshaping our lives, allowing us to work from home, collaborate around the globe, operate autonomous vehicles, the advances are innumerable and accelerating at an ever-faster pace.

The transitional shift is readily apparent in all aspects of our everyday lives, making our time more efficient, creative, and productive. While the IT revolution has been transforming how we learn, work, and create, there has been a more subtle, technological revolution taking place in healthcare.  The advancements that have been made over the past two decades are migrating quickly into the healthcare field, disrupting all facets of traditional medicine and drug discovery and development.

This report published by Piper Sandler ‘Deciphering the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Matrix Code in Biotech’ underscores and highlights the phenomenal impact and importance of deploying artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational drug discovery capabilities to accelerate and improve the drug discovery process. This new development paradigm will improve healthcare efficiency and outcomes and ultimately our quality of life and longevity.

How does Gain Therapeutics fit into the landscape of AI/ML drug discovery/development?

Gain Therapeutics is at the forefront of this medical revolution, pioneering and patenting its novel drug discovery technology platform called ‘See-Tx®’ nearly a decade ago which was developed by Dr. Xavier Barril, Ph. D – a father of structural biology. This platform has the capability of discovering binding sites for pharmaceutical intervention on previously undruggable protein targets and compressing the timeframe to discover hit molecules binding to previously unknown binding sites to a matter of weeks rather than years. As a leader in the healthcare IT revolution, Gain is integrating structural biology, supercomputing, and artificial intelligence to develop novel drugs for patients suffering from diseases with inadequate treatments.

Breaking the Barriers of Traditional Drug Discovery

Gain’s SEE-Tx® platform combines the 3D structure of proteins and supercomputing technology using a proprietary, patented algorithm to identify unique, never-before-described druggable binding sites on proteins in a fraction of the time of traditional pharmaceutical methods. Gain leverages this data to identify proprietary, novel small molecule therapeutics with applications across multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, neurodegenerative disorders, and lysosomal storage disorders, among others.

An estimated 90% of disease-causing proteins still cannot be targeted by current therapies due to the lack of a known addressable binding site, despite momentous advances in genomics, structural biology, and high-throughput screening. Gain’s See-Tx® platform is dramatically transforming how we approach drug discovery in the modern age by unveiling a universe of new small molecule binding sites for pharmaceutical intervention.

Eric Richman, as the CEO of Gain, can you share your thoughts on the importance of this report?

“Piper’s report on the matrix of AI/ML in biotech documents the enormous progress being made and describes an emerging area within biopharma that is coming of age. There are several companies being formed and making progress which have reduced theory to practice with the identification of novel targets and have dramatically expedited the drug development process while simultaneously reducing risk.

Companies like Gain and others in this field are advancing a new paradigm in healthcare innovation, much like Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon, during the initial IT revolution. As the title of this article highlights, we truly believe this is a coming of age moment for those companies like Gain in the AI/ML biotech matrix and we heartily applaud the research team at Piper Sandler for this expansive deep dive on the subject, and for shining a light on the possibilities ahead for humankind as these technologies mature and begin to realize their vast potential.”       

What is in the Deciphering the AI/ML Matrix Code in Biotech report?

The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in biopharma report is a deep dive that aims to help investors better understand the transformative impact of these technologies on drug discovery and development.

Overview of the Report:

  • The growth of AI/ML in drug development
  • Impact of AI/ML on the pharma value chain
  • Framework for classifying and valuing AI/ML companies
  • Regulatory considerations for AI/ML
  • Key players in the field
Piper Sandler is an American independent investment bank. The biopharma investment research team compiled the report.

The team is composed of :

Yasmeen Rahimi, Ph.D.
Senior Research Analyst,

Edward A. Tenthoff.
Senior Research Analyst,

Do Kim.
Senior Research Analyst,

Ikechukwu Oji, PharmD.
Senior Research Analyst,

Swapnil Malekar, Ph.D.
Research Analyst,

Schuyler Van Den Broek.
Research Analyst,

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