Gain Therapeutics presents at the Jefferies Conference 2022


Gain Therapeutics will be providing an update on our lead compound in development for GBA-associated Parkinson’s disease, GT-02287 at the Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference.

Recent preclinical studies show robust Parkinson’s-specific disease-modifying effects both in vitro and in vivo with this first-in-class novel therapeutic targeting genetically defined neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Gaucher’s disease, among others.

Michael J. Fox Foundation has funded and continues to support the company’s program targeting GBA Parkinson’s disease.

When is Gain Therapeutics presenting?
Date: June 10, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM ET

How do I listen to the presentation?
To listen to the Gain Therapeutics presentation at the conference please register here:



Eric Richman, CEO of Gain Therapeutics, perspectives on the recent Biogen and Alectos collaboration:




New treatments for genetically defined neurodegenerative diseases like GBA-Parkinson’s disease, which is a specific genetic mutation known to affect up to 14% of PD patients, are on the horizon, as companies like Gain Therapeutics and Alectos advance novel disease-modifying therapies that could one day address this significant unmet need.

As an industry leader with a solid reputation in neurodegenerative disease research, Biogen’s partnership with Alectos, announced underscores pharma’s commitment to support novel approaches to genetically defined CNS disorders and further validates the significance of Gain’s approach focused on preserving lysosomal health, which is believed to be implicated in many neurodegenerative disorders.  I’m proud of the work we are doing at Gain to develop novel GBA1 small molecule inhibitors and advance treatments for these devastating diseases.

To learn more about Eric Richman, you can listen to the BioTalk podcast with Rich Bendis here.

What is the Jefferies Conference?
It is the must attend healthcare industry conference that occurs yearly, attended by over 3,000 corporate executives and investors with over 400 companies presenting.

This year it is from June 8th to 10th in NYC.

What type of companies present?
Both public and private healthcare companies present at the conference.

What type of investors attend?
Investors include institutional investors, venture capitalists and private equity investors.